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Types of Concrete and Their Usesstamped concrete installers West Palm Beach

You probably hear of concrete and quickly imagine that it only exists in one form, right? Well, the truth is that concrete comes in various types. You might be surprised to learn that it is available in more than 20 different types.

A talk with a contractor would help enlighten you about the different types of concrete available.  We are general contractors. 

Concrete Provides Sustained Durability 

Each type of concrete serves a different purpose. Despite there being more different types, what you can expect from all of them is extraordinary performance coupled with sustained durability. Each type is different from the next one on the following aspects:

  • Constituent material
  • Mix design
  • Method of construction
  • Area of application
  • How it reacts to hydration

Below are a few of the different types of concrete we use in projects:types of concrete West Palm Beach

  1. Normal strength concrete
  2. Plain/ordinary concrete
  3. Reinforced concrete
  4. Pre-stressed concrete
  5. Precast concrete
  6. Lightweight concrete
  7. High-density concrete
  8. Air entrained concrete
  9. Ready mix concrete

Normal strength concrete usually takes 30-90 minutes to settle. Its strength ranges from 10MPa-40MPa. With a density of between 2200kg/m3 and 25000kg/m3, plain concrete has proved effective in the construction of buildings and pavements.

Reinforced concrete is capable of handling tensile stress more effectively. Pre-stressed concrete is renowned for its application in most mega concrete projects. It is commonly used in constructing bridges, long-span roofs, and heavy loaded structures.

Precast concrete is more popular in precast walls/poles, staircase units, concrete blocks and concrete lintels among others. Precast concrete is popular in speedy constructions. As for lightweight concrete, you will mostly find them in long-span bridge decks and building blocks.

High-density concrete, just as the name suggests, have a density of between 3000kg/m3 and 4000kg/m3. You will find it mostly used in constructing atomic power plants and other similar types of projects.

As for air entrained concrete, what sets them apart is the inclusion of foams. They also feature a higher percentage of gas-foaming agents. The air-entraining agents used in making these types of concrete are mostly fatty acids, resins, and alcohols.

Ready mix concrete is mixed and bathed at a central mixing plant. The concrete is then transported to the construction site atop truck-mounted transit mixers. Upon arrival at the site, the concrete is then ready for use and application without any further treatment.

The market is full of many other different types of concrete. Just ask us to help you choose the best and most suitable type depending on the kind of construction you are undertaking. We are general contractors.

Other names for Concrete Types we use in projects:stamped concrete patio West Palm Beach

Tabby Concrete
Exposed Aggregate Concrete
Decorative Concrete
Seashell Concrete
Paver Imitation
Key Stone
Stamped Concrete

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