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Concrete Services West Palm Beach Areaconcrete pools West Palm Beach

Complete Concrete Services is proud to serve you with excellent concrete services. We offer a wide variety of concrete services to satisfy your needs for superior concrete that you can use for any concrete projects on your home or business property.

We have years of experience in providing high-quality services to clients in South Florida.  Our technicians are highly experienced and continuously well trained to and will work with you or your architect to find the right solutions for all your concrete-related situations.

These are the concrete services we provide:

Concrete and Paver Drivewayspaver driveway company West Palm Beach

With us, you never have to worry about the quality of work when it comes to concrete and paver driveways.  Our concrete services – including the preparation and installation – are installed using up to date code and state of the art equipment. Our concrete and pavers are manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Our concrete and pavers are available in a wide selection of shapes, patterns, styles and colors offering you more flexibility to select what fits your unique design desires.  With these numerous choices, you are guaranteed the kind of driveway that just might be the envy of your neighbors.  In addition, when installing your driveway we make sure pavers fit together smoothly.  This helps to strengthen the surface so it can withstand heavy use.

Pools and Pool Deckspool deck installation West Palm Beach

Installing swimming pool decks is a service that we take great pleasure in offering to our customers.  We love creating concrete pools and pool decks. Our technicians ensure that pools and decks are flawless so that you, your family and guests continue to be able to enjoy your pool area and stay safe while relaxing or entertaining.

Most people spend more time on the deck than inside the pool. This is why decks need to be made of the best materials, which offers owners less time cleaning and maintaining them. The deck is essential in the overall design of the swimming pool.

Our decorative decks offer clients something that complements their home’s exterior.

Golf Cart Path Constructiongolf cart path pavers West Palm Beach

Implementing any form of golf cart path construction requires the right equipment, training, experience, and skills. Fortunately, we have all of that and more. Constructing the path the golf cart shall follow is essential to the overall beauty and design of the golf course.

The construction takes into account the golf course’s layout and landscaping. It considers the condition the greens are in.  A well-constructed golf cart path will always facilitate smooth pedestrian traffic throughout the golf course.

While constructing this part of the golf course, we look at:

a)    Overall design
b)    Golf cart base
c)     Proper path drainage

We use high quality concrete that fits the golf course perfectly.

Our choice of concrete for the golf cart path is durable and able to withstand the Florida elements well.

Concrete Patiosconcrete patio construction West Palm Beach

The choices of concrete patios we offer allow clients to coordinate the color with the landscape or their property’s exteriors. Our services include – if wanted – stamping or engraving the concrete so it looks like popular paving materials such as:

  • Brick
  • Flagstone
  • Slate
  • Tile

We offer these services for both commercial and residential properties.

We understand that concrete patios are among the simplest yet most effective ways of beautifying one’s property. What is more, patios make clients’ homes more comfortable and accommodating to friends and loved ones.

We customize the concrete patios as a way of ensuring the entire property has a unified feel in line with the overall design of the property. By doing this, we play a small role in keeping the home feeling homey, cozy and warm for everybody.

Sidewalk and Walkwaysconcrete sidewalk installation West Palm Beach

The concrete we use on sidewalks and walkways is essential for making this part of your property safe for everyone. Apart from that, they provide the curb appeal that your property needs, whether you are considering living there indefinitely or selling your home.

Concrete walkways and sidewalks lead to the front door or the backyard. We use top quality concrete that will not suffer the effects of wear and tear because of prolonged exposure to the Florida elements.

We design and plan the sidewalks and walkways carefully. We offer several decorative concrete to enhance the look of both sidewalks and walkways. We can customize the concrete depending on the pattern or style you want.

Our concrete for the sidewalks and walkways come in finishes that include:

  • Stamped concrete
  • Textured stamped concrete
  • Broom
  • Smooth concrete
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • We’ve got you covered whatever finish you need.
  • Concrete Walls

We can construct concrete walls anywhere on your property inside or out.  A few options we have for you include:

a)    block sitting walls (architectural)
b)    block retaining walls (modular)
c)     cast-in-place concrete walls

We offer these services to commercial and residential clients alike. We rely on various all-building materials to ensure the walls we construct for you remain intact and in an excellent state for years.

Our technicians do not want you worrying about replacements any time soon.

Contact us today for any concrete services you need for your home or office.

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