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Many golf course designers believe the course should be as green and close to nature as possible. To them, any presence of concrete, which is what the golf cart path construction offers, denies the course the natural feel and look it needs. However, the truth is, concrete cart paths can transform the golf course into an aesthetically appealing part of the golf course when installed properly.  In other words, concrete golf course pathways can add to the beauty of the course and at the same time, keep both golfers and the course safe.

Concrete Last Longer in Florida Heat

Although concrete is more expensive than asphalt, you should use it for golf course paths. The benefits far outweigh the benefits of asphalt. Concrete last longer because it has fiber mesh. This helps to maintain the golf path when the ground expands and contracts due to the weather in South Florida.

Fiber mesh prevents small cracks from expanding and becoming larger quickly and makes it easier to maintain the concrete cart path for years.

Laying Concrete in Sectionsgolf cart path construction Palm Beach

The construction of the cart path follows a specific method. It hinges on the proper laying of the concrete. According to experts (that’s us), laying the concrete in sections is a highly recommended strategy. There is an added advantage in laying concrete in sections; it becomes easier to replace any damaged section later.

The transformation of the golf course will not occur if you hire a substandard engineer to lay the concrete. A good, qualified and experienced engineer plays a big role in the cart path’s layout. The engineer’s role doesn’t start and end with constructing of the path alone. Golf course architects may be unwilling to be involved in its construction because of liability issues.

Soil Evaluation and PreparationGolf cart path installation

The construction does not happen in isolation. The soil upon which the golf course stands needs proper evaluation. Through its evaluation, the engineers will then be able to determine the substructure of the cart path. No two soils are the same. For this reason, the strategies involved in laying the path out and constructing it will differ from soil to soil.

The golf course should be beautiful and safe. That’s what you get with concrete golf cart path construction. Increasingly, they have become crucial to the golf course design. They are not only great for improving the course’s curb appeal. They are equally impressive at enabling golfers to play throughout the year without any interruption.

Golf Cart Paths Speed Up Playgolf cart path company

Golf cart paths make it possible for golfers to reach some hitherto inaccessible portions without damaging the turf. They direct golfers towards surfaces designed for heavy traffic thus keeping players away from sensitive playing areas. Golf cart path construction is perfect for reducing maintenance costs.

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