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Exterior Concrete Wallsconcrete pool wall installation West Palm Beach

Homeowners want to make and live in homes with everything they need for a comfortable life. That often includes the latest security features. More importantly, they also love exterior concrete walls. Homes made of concrete account for roughly 16% of all homes in the United States. Such homes feature a lot of concrete in various area of homes. The owners want the exterior walls of their homes as sturdy as possible, and they can only get that with concrete.

What makes exterior concrete walls attractive to homeowners?

In many places around the country, especially where the elements wreak havoc, nothing can withstand damage better than concrete exterior walls. Hurricanes and tornadoes can leave a world of devastation behind. Often, they destroy homes, even the ones that look to be capable of standing strong despite such extensive pressure from super-strong rain and wind. Exterior walls made of concrete offer homeowners the peace of mind that all is well.

What are some long-term advantages that concrete walls offer?exterior concrete wall installers West Palm Beach

First, they lower the costs of heating and cooling. Two, they lower the premium paid for property insurance. Three, they lower maintenance costs.

The Benefits of Concrete Walls

For most homeowners, these benefits are enough to make them order for the installation of exterior concrete walls. However, there are more benefits to ponder. For example, as earlier mentioned, concrete walls are more resistant to hazards. Concrete walls are structurally safe. They can withstand natural and man-made disasters more efficiently. For the most part, homeowners only have to contend with replacing the damaged roof, as the wall is intact.

Concrete Walls are Fire Resistantconcrete fence installation West Palm Beach

Concrete walls can resist fire admirably well. Their fire resistance capabilities far exceeds that of other materials such as wood. What is more, the walls are capable of withstanding up to four hours of exposure to intense fire without crumbling. Wood-frame walls, on the other hand, can only handle up to an hour of intense fire. Additionally, concrete does not help fire to grow and spread to the rest of the property the way wood would.

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